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NP-2012 weaning treasure

NP-2012 weaning treasure

Product features


Product main component is spray drying pig plasma protein powder.


Made of pure isolated pig blood red cells after the plasma after spray drying, made of powder products. Which contains more than 72% crude protein, digestion rate is above 90%, containing more than 5.5% lysine, rich and other kinds of amino acids in the balance. For early weaned piglets have it prevent diarrhoea and growth promoting role, so widely used in weaned piglets feed.


Product efficacy


Improve piglet immunity, improve liver function, strengthen the immune response.


Contain food calling factor, increase palatability of feed and feed intake, improve piglet feed intake and daily gain.


Excellent immune enhancement effect, promote growth, increase the survival rate of piglets.


Contains rich organic iron, which can effectively prevent iron deficiency anemia caused by piglets fast growth.


Method of use


Full piglet material: according to the proportion of 2% added, weaning treasure with water before use according to the proportion of the slurry to 1 to 5 of feed mixing, drying after feeding.


The mixed feed: will ablactation treasure according to 4% added directly in the compound feed.


Before weaning 1 weeks to 2 weeks after weaning feed add feeding in accordance with the requirements.


Matters needing attention


Please use as soon as possible after opening, to maintain product freshness, avoid direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity;


Together with the antibiotics were added in the feed, can reduce the dosage of antibiotics appropriately.


This product may not be feeding ruminants.